No matter your children’s ages or interests, this tour is a Roman treat for every child. Whether through history, art, legends or mythology, Rome’s deep historical culture and history captures the most curious of minds. With this in mind, we created this special tour to make the city come alive for your families with children of ALL ages.

Starting at the Bocca Della Verita (the ancient lie-detector machine) and on to the Collosseum, the prototype of all modern football stadiums where gladiators fought for their freedom. Moving onto the Roman Forum, the main square of ancient Rome where children will hear inspiring tales of the famous Romans.

The tour will continue to the Catacombs. Its mystery and spookiness captures the most adventurous of families.

As an alternative to the Catacombs, we offer a visit to Rome’s famous “keyhole”, where you squint, look through it and discover a…. surprise!

We also offer a visit to the Bone Church, another unusual experience, to see this macabre yet interesting place, where they used human bones to create the decorations.

During the visit we will do as Roman children do: stop for a gelato, have a taste of Roman pizza and a dish of spaghetti…

The tour is for 1-6 people and lasts for half a day and is tailor made. Entrance fees are not included in our tour however the tour includes an experienced private guide and transportation costs (driver and van). For parties larger than 6 people. Prices are on request please.

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