Gladiator school for kids in Rome

Meet the Gladiators of Ancient Rome in the Gladiator School and spend a day in a Roman Gladiators School for children, both young and old. You can travel back in time and relive the grandeur of the lost Roman Empire; its opulence, style, fashions, love for entertainment but also its tragedies and murderous politics! Discover some of its famous citizens, such as Julius Caesar, Emperors Augustus and Nero.

Your itinerary begins from the Capitoline Hill, the most important of the seven historical hills, proceeding into the Roman Forum, from where the Romans ruled their Empire. There you will marvel at the ancient ruins of the temples and Basilicas. This fascinating visit will continue taking you inside the glorious Collosseum, home of the infamous ‘Games’ where man and beast and man and man were pitched together in combat to the death. You will finish by the ruins of the gladiators’ school and Nero’s golden house, the Domus Aurea.

Teamed with a gladiator instructor, they guide you through the training that the gladiators of Ancient Rome would have gone through and will teach you how to fight with traditional Roman weapons. At the end of the lesson you will be given a certificate as well as keeping the tunic you wore during the class to remind you of your special day.

Each session (around 2 hours) includes an introduction to Roman History (in the Museum), a description of life as a Gladiator and the basic techniques of gladiatorial sword fighting. At the end of the Gladiator School we will continue the tour with Catacombs, old Appian way and the famous keyhole on the Aventine.

The price includes: the museum visit, Gladiator training (2 hours), certificate of achievement, the traditional Gladiator tunic and light beverages.

The cost is:

1-2 people €350
3-4 people €380
5-6 people €450

Duration: 3 hours – walking.
Dress Code: Comfortable shoes

Suggested for children up to 16 years of age. Transfers are not included.

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