Nutella Ice Cream

This is a 3 hour walking tour taking in three fantastic sites in the Eternal City – the Forum, Collosseum and the Church of San Clemente.

It is a unique ‘through the centuries’ experience where Rome will come alive for your family. This private tour, with no waiting in line, is designed for children of any age, but will also be appreciated by the rest of the family, and is planned to be both educational & entertaining for all.

We start at the Collosseum which has inspired so many stories, legends and movies – you can still imagine gladiators, Emperors & wild animals fighting. From there onto the Roman Forum, the ancient downtown Rome, where we will hear about all the VIPS of the time, the politicians, writers, poets and the ambitious on who strolled along the Via Sacra.

Our ancient Rome tour ends at the Church of San Clemente. Here we will go underground to view the actual level of the city in ancient times. We will descend three levels 2000 years of history as if in a time machine.

At the end the kids deserve a treat and will enjoy an Italian gelato or ice cream like all Italian Kids (and adults!)

The tour is for 1-6 people, and lasts for 3 hours.

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