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This is a VIP tour in the heart of the private palaces. You will experience the Roman princely life style, surrounded by unequalled beauty and refinement.
Built by the greatest architects of the Renaissance and Baroque, decorated by important artists with frescoes and filled with decorative arts, soaring ceilings and masterpieces of painting, Roman palaces are the homes of Pope’s and Cardinal’s families; private courts astonishing in their grandeur.
This tour of Rome’s most prized private estates starts at palazzo Colonna, one of the grandest palaces of Europe. For more than six hundred years, this has been the Colonna home and the many treasures hidden in this mansion reveal how often you can easily live in contact with absolute masterpieces.

The Princess Isabelle Colonna apartment has kept intact the warm atmosphere it had during her lifetime, when she turned it into a treasure chest, which she loved to show only to her closest friends.

We continue our journey at Palazzo Doria Pamphilij, another astonishing private palace, still inhabited by the family heirs. The palace’s importance today is tied more than ever to the magnificent art collection displayed in its enormous gallery. This opulent palace – more than any other – offers the opportunity not only to admire works of art but to experiment with the spirit of the great Roman collections across centuries.

The tour last 3.5 hours.

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