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The Colosseum is the biggest amphitheatre and the symbol of Rome.

Your guide will be taking you to the highest level, with no queue, because the access to this area is restricted to a select number of tours and very few tourist arrange in advance to climb up to the top tier.

As in Roman times, when the Colosseum was divided in different segments, each one reserved to a different social class, you will dominate the arena from the upper portion in private, with no crowd.

The visit continues after crossing the Arch of Constantine to the Roman Forum and to the Palatine Hill. The houses of Augustus, the first emperor, and his wife Livia, are open to small groups which we will schedule to fit in.

My goal in giving this tour is to bring this era of Rome to life for you, while remaining conscious of the importance of the cultural heritage we inherited: the democratic model to the creation of the idea of a state-based legal system.

The Forum was the centre of this high civilization, today it is a myth, a legend we keep alive. Please let me know in advance if you have any walking disabilities so I can adapt the route to your particular requirements.

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