Goethe exclaims “there has never been a catastrophe in history that gave so many joys to the future generations” than Pompeii’s destruction.

The account written by Pliny The Young to a friend describes the tragedy: On the 24th of August 79 A.D. a cloud of unusual size blocks the sun sight. During night a shower of ashes, stones and pumice pours on the city and after 18 everlasting hours everything is buried under a 19 to 25 feet blanket of death.

After disappearing from the maps for centuries this small but elegant town has been largely excavated. 1900 years after the mount Vesuvius eruption, Pompeii is so well preserved that you can figure out how daily life was – from shops to private houses, from bread oven baking to bath spas, from graffiti’s to dining room decoration.

You will discover that the domestic architecture of 2000 years ago had it’s conveniences – from heating, spread by hot air running in cavities behind the walls – to running water carried by hydraulic pumps. Comfort of course, but always under the sign of beauty and elegance.

You can be taken by a private car with a driver, leaving Rome at 8am and arrive before 10.45am into Pompeii. After touring Pompeii you can have a late lunch arranged in Sorrento overlooking the sea (or Naples), before returning to Rome by 7pm.

The tour has a private car and a chauffeur (for up to 4 people) and a private guide. Larger groups can also be catered for.

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